Services & Pricing

Michigan COVID Consultants offers many package options to make sure anyone who is interested in learning more about re-opening their business during the COVID pandemic is able to do so.

Our services are tailored to fit your business and your budget.



Not every business is the same.  We get that.

That's why we provide packages with flexibility.

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Virtual Visit

A virtual 60 minute Q&A to discuss your business and answer basic questions you may have about safely reopening your operation.  Will address infection prevention techniques, and how to best incorporate state and federal guidelines to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers.


per call


On Site Assessment

A 60-minute in-depth assessment and exploration into your business, on-site, to identify any barriers to safely re-opening your business during the COVID pandemic.  The hour concludes with recommendations for ensuring employee and customer safety following proven infection control methods used on the front lines of healthcare.


per visit

Action Plan

Formal Plan for Safety

Following an in-person consultation and business assessment, you will be provided a formal comprehensive plan to safely re-open your business.  This will include steps that are recommended relating to state and federal pandemic guidelines.


2 Assessment

Includes everything in the Action Plan Package, but adds a re-assessment after opening to identify barriers and brainstorm solutions for real-life situations.



Empower Employees

In addition to the action plan, the education package also includes an engaging virtual or in-person education session to empower employees to take accountability for their part in infection prevention.


Ongoing Adjustment

Added to education, we can conduct up to 3 reassessments to adjust your business' infection control plan as restrictions are lifted. This ensures your plan adapts, in real-time, as your business continues to grow.


4 Assessment

Re-visit After Opening

Liaison Package

Around the Clock Support

This top of the line package provides your organization with a Registered Nurse COVID liaison.  Following the development of your action plan, the liaison provides your company with a knowledgeable expert who remains up-to-date on all COVID-related regulations, best practices, and provides your organization around-the-clock support for 6 months.


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