Founded by a Registered Nurse & Small Business Owner

My name is Lindsay Nixon, and I'm the founder of Michigan COVID Consultants. As a small business owner and Registered Nurse, I've worked the front lines on both sides of this pandemic - on a COVID + unit in one of Michigan's largest hospitals, and also as a COO trying to keep my employees safe and payroll unaffected by the pandemic.

One morning, I was thinking about the uncertainty that so many business owners must be feeling as they are given the responsibility of re-opening their doors while also doing their best to keep their employees and customers safe. In that moment, Michigan COVID Consultants was born.

My unique position and experience allows me to take variables into consideration while drafting your action plan.  How do you conduct business?  What are reasonable goals and expectations for your company - considering budget, business size, and available resources?  These factors are all considered when creating a plan that you can act on, instead of giving you a list of unrealistic goals that don't translate well to your unique operation.


My hope is by working with businesses to provide education and evidence-based recommendations tailored specifically to their industry, I will be able to do my part to flatten the curve and dispel the fear of uncertainty that COVID has inflicted upon our economy and communities.

Flexible & Committed

"When Lindsay gets thrown a curve ball, she has an incredible way of adapting to the situation and finding a new way around her obstacle to achieve her goal.  Her ability to plan with such detail while maintaining that level of flexibility is second-to-none."

Kristen W.

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