What is your plan to re - open?

Empowering Businesses to Re-open Through Education

Individualized by Front Line Healthcare Workers

Hi, I'm Lindsay - a Registered Nurse & Small Business Owner.

Having worked the front lines on both sides of the pandemic - as an RN on a COVID unit at one of Michigan's largest hospitals, and also as a small business owner working to keep my employees safe & paid, I've learned a thing or two.

What Can I Do For You?

Individualized to each business, MCC offers consulting services to Michigan businesses to assist them in safely re-opening their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using proven infection control methods and evidence-based practices, our services are tailored to fit both your business and your budget.  Our mission is to educate business owners and employees with the goal of keeping the curve flattened while allowing the economy to rebound naturally.

Risk Assessment

On-site or remote, we provide an individualized assessment of your business to determine areas of infection risk and areas of improvement.  Re-assessment after re-opening allows modification of the plan to account for realistic solutions to real-life situations.

Action Plan

Business-specific action plans, developed by healthcare professionals, will assure your staff and customers that your business is taking a proactive approach to re-opening while giving you peace-of-mind.


Your employees are the front line of your business. Empower them to maintain the safety of your community by providing engaging education from healthcare professionals.

COVID Culture

By taking action to control the spread, you will be able to assure your network of employees, customers, vendors, and community that your organization is responsive, pro-active and dedicated to re-opening safely and effectively.

Data & Research

Michigan COVID Consultants researches all executive and federal orders, guidelines, and recommendations to ensure our action plans adhere to mandated standards and keep you informed of frequent changes.


MCC offers an around-the-clock liaison to provide support.  With this service, as your doors re-open, you have an experienced professional available for consultation.

Organized. Committed to Quality.

Focused.  Dedicated. Adaptable.


Let Us Help You Re-Start Your Business

Real & Useful

I got a COVID Preparedness and Response Plan by Michigan COVID Consultants and it’s terrific. As a business owner I feel it’s my responsibility to do this. This is NOT some big company marketing piece, it’s a real plan with real procedures.

Craig K.

Golden Drake Realty

Helpful & Knowledgeable

I am one of the managers at a small family owned restaurant. We have been closed for a few weeks now and plan to open back up in late May/early June. There are a lot of details to consider to make sure we do so safely. Lindsay is very knowledgeable and has been so helpful as we consider all of this in such an uncertain time.

Mari B.
MoJoe's Food & Spirits

Creative & Resourceful

"I have seen Lindsay in action, scouring resources for best practices and using data to build educational lectures and presentations to share her new found knowledge.  She is a fantastic leader and brings a high level of engagement and accountability to her learning."

Daniella D.

Heartland Hospice

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